Arguments with help

If you’ve used Click before, you probably know that:

click.argument() does not take a help parameter. This is to follow the general convention of Unix tools of using arguments for only the most necessary things, and to document them in the command help text by referring to them by name.

Cloup doesn’t force the Unix convention on you. cloup.argument takes an optional help parameter. If you pass a non-empty string to at least one of the arguments of a command, Cloup will print a “Positional arguments” section just below the command description.

from pprint import pprint
import cloup
from cloup import option, option_group

@cloup.argument('input_path', help="Input path")
@cloup.argument('out_path', help="Output path")
    'An option group',
    option('-o', '--one', help='a 1st cool option'),
    option('-t', '--two', help='a 2nd cool option'),
    option('--three', help='a 3rd cool option'),
def main(**kwargs):
    """A test program for cloup."""
    pprint(kwargs, indent=3)


  A test program for cloup.

Positional arguments:
  INPUT_PATH      Input path
  OUT_PATH        Output path

An option group:
  -o, --one TEXT  a 1st cool option
  -t, --two TEXT  a 2nd cool option
  --three TEXT    a 3rd cool option

Other options:
  --help          Show this message and exit.